what does building a website look like?
we’re pretty transparent. here’s how we do it…

  • Step 1


    Initial Meeting

    It starts with a face to face meeting. The best way to deliver the most effective design that shows off your brand and reaches your audience is only accomplished by us working closely together. We want to understand your business, your culture, and your customers.

  • Step 2

    Design Mockup

    Now that we have an understanding of your brand and your audience, we will begin to create a mockup of your new website. This will be the general look and feel of your website. Utilizing your logo, colours, fonts, and other branding elements to help create a website that clearly communicates your brand.


    Step 2

  • Step 3



    Once we land on a mockup of the page, we will begin to design the layout of your website’s pages. This makes the content gathering and input portion a breeze!

  • Step 4


    This is where we lock ourselves into a basement, put on our nerd glasses, and live off of pizza and coffee. We design and build our websites in WordPress using which allows us to build sites that are easy for our clients to keep updated on our own. This is the part that takes the longest, but it’s worth it in the end…we promise!


    Step 4

  • Step 5


    Content Gathering

    This is where you, or your existing site come in. You know your business better than we ever will. So we partner with you in crafting engaging content that SELLS. That’s what the site is for, after all.

  • Step 6

    Media Sourcing

    Your website needs some engaging content outside of just clever words. We help you source the right photography and videography to best support your new website. Whether it’s a photo gallery of your past work, or your company video that shows your customers your character and craftsmanship, we help put this front and centre on your new website.


    Step 6

  • Step 7:



    At step 4, you can already begin watching us build the website in your unique “sandbox”. A sandbox is a safe, unlisted area where we build your website so that you can watch the build virtually every step of the way. This website sandbox also allows for testing to take place. We always ask our clients to play around in their new websites to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before we hit the big “launch” button.

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